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Trion Journal is home to innovative and informative financial news headlines, briefs, and stories – ranging from local to international business, pharmaceutical trends, media and telecom, leveraged finance and healthcare – our staff of financial journalists dedicate their craft to the art of delivering great financial news. News that individual and institutional investors are looking for.

Founded in 2016 by financial research analyst, Seth Trion, Trion Journal has been dedicated to bringing its readers top financial news stories. Its experienced writing staff comes from a variety of backgrounds, from retired wall street analysts, business journalists, and investigative reports, our team is focused on reporting the stories that matter most to you.

Looking for a job in the exciting financial news industry? LCT offers a variety of jobs and employment opportunities – from part time to full time – for people with a passion for writing and knack for talking finance. Whether you’re a first time writer or long time analyst, our site is looking for new talent to help bring our company to the next level.


Seth Trion

To contact a writer, please email writer@trionjournal.com and it will get passed on directly to the appropriate staff member. For general inquiries please email contact@trionjournal.com.