NewLink Genetics Shares Drop

NewLink Genetics shares fell nearly 11% on Monday after the company said a phase 2 study of indoximod in combination with the therapeutic cancer vaccine Provenge for patients with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer didn’t show a statistical difference in the primary endpoint of ELISPOT assay immune response to PA2024, the Provenge-related fusion protein, in the 35 of 46 patients who had clinical samples available for testing. However, the commpany said the study showed a statistically significant improvement in radiographic progression-free survival compared to placebo and was well tolerated.

Shares in the drug maker were 11.4% lower in recent morning trade. “Given that Provenge alone has not shown any PFS benefit in multiple prior studies, this randomized, placebo controlled data, although limited in number of patients, is quite encouraging and has the potential to offer some measurable clinical benefits for patients,” said Gautam Jha, principal investigator.

By Sonia Taylor